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What clients are saying...

"Energetic, honest, highly professional and fast thinking. Best immigration lawyer in    Tampa." 

Andrei C.

"Hands down the best lawyer in the world, do not look any further she is number 1. Best immigration lawyer"

Gabe E.

"She always won every fight against immigration. Believe me, she's the big guns in this industry."


"She is really the best attorney in tampa. Trust me she is really going to take care of you."

husam baba

"I had a very difficult case but I won thanks to my lawyer she's honest. Go to her"

murat demirhan

"If you need an attorney to get the job done correctly then, Attorney Ersan is the attorney you need. Excellent experience and service." 

Karina Santana

"Great lawyer. She followed us on every step and with professionalism"

Sophia F

"Great to have in your corner during the complicated immigration process"

Ryan P.

"I researched and hard for a reputable, hard working attorney. She is the best, make no mistake about it."

Sanjiv V.

"She did my paperwork fast & effective. No drama, just hard work and efficiency. She helped me through the whole process with a smile."

Çağrı Yılmaz

"Very friendly, nothing goes wrong when she takes your files. She brought my two sons here"

Satilmis Yilmaz

Ms Ersan is very thorough in her work and is indeed excellent at what she does. She is pleasant and kind and ensures that her clients completely understands."

Stephen Gremli

"Emel made everything happen for me. I couldn't have done it without her. She is the best lawyer. Thank you so much Emel."

Sara Smead

"She won my U visa case! She is the best ever. After 5 yrs with her fighting for my case. We won. Thank you so much Ms Emel. God bless."

Sophie Eposi

"Ms. Ersan won a very rare visa for me. She is very direct, structured and organized. Always answered my calls. I STRONGLY recommend."

Sercan Topcu

"Smart , professional and she knows immigration process. She was so wonderful to work with."

Ralph R.

"A great lawyer, very organized. She will fight for your case like it is hers .. I strongly recommend her."

Miyosi C.

"Working with Emel was a painless affair. A Lawyer should be knowledgeable and yet comfortable to work with. That's what we felt working with Emel"

Lauren C.

"Emel is very professional and has a "personal" touch in the way how she sees her clients. Very happy with her services."

Inca M.

"We are so glad we worked with Emel, our process was smooth and our case was approved without any problems."

Walter U.

"Very caring and helpful, she was able to answer any questions and concerns I had and put me at ease."

Nelson E.

"Emel is an outstanding lawyer, very honest a lot of integrity and gets the job done , I am very thankful I met her. Thank you Emel for your stellar service".


"Very efficient. Polite and everything with a smile. She brought my son and family from Switzerland." 

Erika F.

"She was a great lawyer who took the time to explain my case...and help me get through my case...."

Amanda S.

 "She was always professional and answered all our questions and was there for us every step of the way. I would highly recommend her services!"

Adam H.

"My case was denied three times before but my new lawyer emel brings me here to the US. She is a miracle worker."

Anh T.

"Mrs.Ersan is a great lawyer and an excellent representative. My mother-in-law tried 3 times and couldnt do it by herself but when she represented my mother she won her case."

Mine F. 

"Mrs Ersan was wonderful, she was very good at protecting my mother's rights as a lawyer. It was a very delicate case but she won it with great success."

Nalan H.

 "EMEL Ersan HAS BEEN A GOOD LAWYER TO ME AND MY FAMILY. Emel is a great loving person who doesn't stop helping people until the case is over."

Nelson S.

"Very helpful and understanding. Very affordable and makes it easy to understand the process because this is very complicated.  She's worth every penny."

Keron J.

"She won my E-2 visa! She is immaculate, always in communication with me, very successful. My family is grateful to her."

Mert M. 

"Straight to the point, very professional, strictly business, no nonsense"

Sevim T.

"I've been working with her for 3 yrs. Very attentive to my needs. Always offering advice when you need it the most. Well recommended!"

Lisa J.

"Very easy to talk with. Reliable. She brought my four daughters from Jamaica and got me citizenship. Very reliable."

Gamal M.

"I was ilegal form 13 yrs. Ms. Ersan worked on my case for 4 yrs and never grave up. I’m finally getting my green card. She saved me."

Jadir Santos 

"Emel is a fantastic lawyer! The most organized person I know. She will tell you clearly what you need and have to do to win the case and she never fails! Best immigration lawyer in south Florida."

Sarah F.

"The impossible... that's what Mrs.Ersan achieved. All the components of the perfect lawyer. Professional, Hopeful, Strength, knowledge. Thanks to Mrs. Ersan the sun finally shines on Us."

Aaron R.

"Loved the workmanship and consistency of her work I would definitely recommend this outstanding lawyer."

Breezy T.

"Absolutely amazing!! I've talked to four different attorneys before I hired her and everybody said it's impossible to get my green card!! However, she was the only one who understood me from the beginning and helped me to the end."


"She made us feel comfortable and we were told exactly what was going to happen. We are so glad we went to her."

Sam G.

"Absolutely fantastic, led us through the process and made us feel comfortable throughout the process."

Tim C. 

"She has been a God sent. Very competent attorney who is willing to help her clients any way she can. She is very thorough."

Debby T.

"It is both her legal expertise and client friendliness that creates the perfect attorney"

Michael H. 

"I was very happy with her. She does her job well. She helped me when other lawyers took my money and did nothing."

Gerardo C.

"She is the best attorney that there could be. I THANK HER SO MUCH FOR HER HELP. She was above and beyond."

Tony X. 

"My case was almost impossible to win. She took over my case and I won it. She is really strong and honest to work with. If it wasn't her, I wouldn't be here by now."

Onur A.

"Excellent, aggressive yet nice and smart. Very real, not fake.She should be a judge."

Georgios O.

  "I was with larger firms who only cared about money, she cares about every case and fights for you like you are family. Undoubtedly the best lawyer in Tampa"

Giovanni C.

"Highly recommend her. She moves quick. She works hard and gets back to you right away."

Donna W. 

"She is a great lawyer that considers to help to you instead of seeking for unnecessary amount of money."

Atakan H.K.

"She's honest and truthful. She speaks sincerely with clients. She doesn't hide anything. I loved her."

Mary D.

"Mrs Ersan is a true professional and is a lawyer that is driven by success and not only the money which guarantees you the best possible chance at winning your case."

Fat Boy

"I recommended Emel as an Immigration lawyer.

She is a lawyer who fights for your case and keeps you informed about your case."

Jose A.

"If you want to work with someone that you can trust and your needs through to the end, Emel should be your lawyer!"

Jay W.

"When I was shopping for an attorney I did not get to talk to a real lawyer, only secretaries and paralegals. When I did call Emel I got a prompt response and direct honest answers to my questions from a lawyer."

Lorenzo L.

"A very professional, honest and skilled attorney who looks out for the best interests of her clients."

Amanda C.

"Working with Emel was a great experience, she was easy to work with and always have time for me."

Rolando B.

"Attorney Emel is amazing, she helped us with our work cards and we got them really quick. She is really nice and I am so happy that I meet her"

Celests P.

"She is the best. Wonderful attitude, very friendly, amazing at what she does. We had a difficult case and she never gave up, we won."

Romanta T. 

"Ms. Ersan worked hard, she very organized, my wife and I want to thank you for your support. Thank you for your professional service."

Claudio M.

"She has worked hard not just on my case but everyone that comes to see her, she helps. I am glad that i contacted her to help with my case."

Jason L.

"She will carry out meticulous research and look at options from every angle."

Nusin O.

"She was so honest and truthful, instead of playing with the words like others."

Pamuk M.

26 Yrs. of Experience, Working for you

(813) 540- 4000

"Best Immiration attorney in the world. I had a very difficult case but all because of her, I won."

Emsada D.

"Extremely professiona and a nice lawyer. One of the best, I highly recommend."

Yasunai M. 

"Emel has been nothin but amazin. Best immigration attorney for sure."

Luke S.

"She is the best! Thank God we found her. If you need a good lawyer to trust, call her she is the best in Tampa"

Nilesh G.

"An awesome person and lawyer. I completely recommend her for all your Immigration needs"

Danny J.

"Helped my wife and I receive her papers. Very happy and so glad we decided to hire Ms. Ersan."

Jacob K.